Services - Heavy Hauling Division

Our goal is to provide the largest national construction companies’, one contractor that can fulfill all their hauling needs. Utilizing the safest drivers and most efficient means has enabled us to grow become one of the largest construction hauling companies in Seattle today.

Providing the service of setting up approved dump sites, testing material, and coordinating the actual hauling is what this division is based upon.  We have accomplished this process successfully on some of Seattle’s most significant projects such as: Sound Transit Beacon Hill Tunnel; U220 Link Light Rail UW; and The Light Rail Extension from Seattle-Tukwila.

OMA Construction prides itself in hiring only the safest, most qualified drivers to be part of our team.  Many of our current drivers have been with the company since the hauling division’s inception nearly a decade ago.  We have found that low turnover not only keeps employees feeling secure in their positions, but also leads to a much more progressive work environment.  With the combination of good drivers and safe practices, OMA Construction successfully has been able to build a strong presence in the Northwest.